There are lots of great plugins out that extent CMSimple with new functions. The Menumanager in CMSimple 3.2 SE is a plugin for example.

You can find plugins at and the CMSimple Support Forum

To install plugins use the included plugin-manager. Some plugins may not work together with the plugin manager. If that is the case, you can just upload the unzipped files with FTP. Most plugins should work without problems however.

One important thing to know

If you have used a plugin that instructed you to put some of the plugins code into your template or content, and you later decided to remove that plugin, your site may crash, showing up only a blank screen or half of the page missing! But don't panic, this can be repaired by just cleaning up the template.htm file from all of the plugins code. Its usually something starting with <?php

So keep that in mind, its a common mistake!

Your content is in not lost, and no matter what goes wrong with the plugins, your content.htm file with all your pages will still be there and recoverable.

It just doesn't work!

Not every plugin works on every system. There are some servers with to many restrictions activated that may stop a plugin from running, even if CMSimple itself runs fine. If error messages are shown ask your server-admin about this.

If your plugin requires you to add code to the template or the content make sure you get it right. Sometimes it looks fine put some piece of code is missing a character. Always add code in HTML-Mode!

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